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There are over 5 million people in Australia that see the value in protecting themselves and their second biggest asset (their cars) against the turmoil and costs of unexpected problems. Membership to organisations such as the NRMA, RACV, and RACQ exist to help their members when difficult and costly situations arise.


HomeSource offers Australia’s over 8+ million home owners and 1 million small businesses, a range of services to help them avoid getting into trouble or helping them when they do.


While the concept of emergency home assistance is proven and very popular in Europe and the United States (e.g. HomeServe) Australians so far had to wear the risk and costs of plumbing, electrical and locksmith emergencies themselves. 


HomeSource is a membership-based service, whose members can access nation-wide, legal, building and maintenance advice as well as emergency services (plumbers, electricians etc).


Through the subsidiaries PropertyCover and mycontractor.com.au HomeSource expands the range of products and services to home & property insurances as well as contractor compliance management. 


Following a listing of our key products and services:


 HomeSource Membership Products   


 PropertyCover Insurance Products           mycontractor.com.au 

• Home Assist


• Appliance Cover

 • Compliance management

 Business Assist


• Home Emergency Cover


• Landlord Assist


• Home Buyer Cover


• Access


• Home Owner Cover


• Help Line


• Property Owners Extra Protection


• Find A Tradesperson


 Landlord's Protection




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For Press Releases published by HomeSource and PropertyCover please follow the link above. For older Press Releases please contact us on 1300 733 420. 


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